Las Vegas Corona Virus


Massage Vegas, Massage Fishers and "A Place To Party" take COVID-19, the corona virus of 2020 very seriously. 

We have been studying and preparing since February. We keep our environment safe by using the recommended action plan from both local government and federal agencies. 

  1. We use a touchless thermometer to check the temperature of all staff and customers. We ensure only those with less than 100 degree temperature are aloud to stay. 
  2. We require all who receiver service to sanitize their hands to receive service. We provide a sanitizer made up of 64% alcohol with aloe vera gel and berry essential oils. 
  3. We clean everything, repeatedley with bleach/water solution made up of 1 cup bleach to 1 gallon of water.


All events will remain in place because of our precautions which are manageable as our group size max is less than 25 people at once.

We will also adapt all aspects of the events to your personalized requests to ensure your utmost confidence that we have done all things imagineable for your event to be both safe and special.


You can reach the owner via text, call or email with the information below.


Shonn Piersol, owner