Kim's Sexy Pajama Bash

From 04.16.2021 7:00 pm until 10:00 pm

Registered to Attend

  1. Kasandra Evans
  2. Tierney Kelly
  3. Kimberly Grimes
  4. Deidra G
  5. Ashley Sanders
  6. Karen Wattz
  7. Marvella Manyfield
  9. Cheniqua Mckellery
  10. Ieshai Brown
  11. Lamina Blue
  12. Terica McKinley
  13. Briana Bournes
  14. Karen Bloomingbird

17 Deposits Paid
Party is confirmed! Be ready for a great time!

Welcome to "Kim's Sexy Pajama Bash" Massage and Karaoke Party on Friday Apr 16th 7pm to 10pm.

You are in for a great time being introduced to our famous, luxury Vegas Massage Chair experience.

3 hours of luxury Zero Gravity Massage, karaoke, dancing and privacy for your group.

Special Discounts on Hotel Rooms if needed at the Comfort Suites.


Along with unlimited use of the Vegas Massage Chair, your event includes:

  • Private use of our facility
  • Karaoke
  • Music of your choosing
  • Professional dance floor (new)
  • High end Ring Light for the perfect photos (new)
  • Option to bring any food or drink of choice
  • Ample 6 ft tables and seating chairs as needed

Use the "JOIN" button at the top-left of this page to register to this event. Questions? Call 317-721-9321 



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A Place to Party Photos

A Place to Party Spa